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We are a web de­ve­lop­ment agen­cy based in Latvia. Our ex­pe­rience spans most lan­guages and frame­works used for web de­ve­lop­ment. Our tech­no­lo­gies of choice are PHP, jQuery and Twi­tter Boot­strap.


We will take your existing app­li­cations and add the fea­tures you need. Whe­ther it's a new sec­tion in your or­der form or enab­ling new busi­ness flows in your or­der ma­nage­ment sys­tem, we'll do it for you.


Apply now, for a risk free con­sul­tation. Our ex­perts will look at the sys­tems you cur­rently use and will pro­duce a free eval­uation re­port iden­tifying exac­tly the main prob­lem points and ways we can im­prove your sys­tems for the bet­ter.

Our Process

Before we jump into development, we will hold a series of meetings with you to produce an actionable document that contains the project scope, the project deadlines and any potential risks to the successful delivery of this particular task. The resulting document is stored in wiki format on our servers and is used to guide the development. You have full access to the document at any time and we can make changes to it as needed.

Each assignment is divided into smaller, self contained deliverables. We develop, thoroughly test and deliver each deliverable separately. This helps us make sure the development is going in the right direction and encourages your feedback throughout.

After each development cycle, we will test the changes, package them and deliver to you.

Testing - To guarantee a high quality in our work we rely heavily on both manual and automatic testing. We use lower level Behat tests to test our web services and browser level Selenium tests to make sure the client interaction works well.

Packaging & Delivery - Would you like us to commit our latest changes to your code repository of choice? Perhaps you'd like us to upload them to your server? Or maybe you'd like the changes emailed to you personally? Whatever your preference might be, it will fit right into our workflow.

At this stage we gather your feedback on the work done so far. This will be taken into account and will drive the project forward, adjusting the direction as needed.

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